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Novica Handcrafted African Wood 39Zulu 39 Mask Exquisite African

Novica Handcrafted African Wood 39Zulu 39 Mask Exquisite African


Nigerian wood mask, 'God's Bounty' - African Wood Mask

African wood mask, 'Jama' - Handmade Wood Wall Mask with Glass Bead and



NOVICA Brown and Red Handcrafted African Wood Wall Mask, Dan Beauty'




ART DECO Vintage brass AFRICAN Nubian WALL MASK BUST. Hagenauer Style Austria | eBay African


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African wood mask, 'Bambara Woman' - Authentic Bambara Art Handcrafted African Mask





Ghanaian wood mask

African wood mask, 'Baule Elephant' - African Royal Baule Elephant Walk Mask Crafted

Rita Addo Zakour Decorative Handcrafted Genuine African Mask and Display Stand. By Novica

Handcrafted Sese Wood 'Safety and Security' African Mask (Ghana) (Solid), Yellow, Novica


African Cheetah Mask Wall Hanging | Handmade from recycled tin in Zimbabwe. $58.00

Copper and brass cuff bracelet, 'Himalayan Legacy' - Handcrafted Himalayan Copper Bracelet

Africa | War shield from the Massai people of Kenya | Cow hide, polychrome paint | Young warriors, not yet considered to be the equals of the older, ...

African wood mask, 'Dance for Peace' - Artisan Crafted African Wood Wall Mask

mask Good Mother, African Sculptures, African Masks, Sculpture Art, Artisan, African

Grebo 9 Eye Meditation Mask (SOLD) - Exquisite African Art

Novica Rita Addo Zakour Akan Beauty Handmade African Wood Mask Wall Decor

Reclaimed wood jewelry box, 'Minimalist Style' - Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Jewelry Box from


DOGON MASK African Masks, African Art, Arte Tribal, Tribal Art, Venetian Masks

Handmade Batik Wood Mask - Peacock Queen | NOVICA

Wall mirror, 'Vintage Gecko' - Handcrafted African Lizard Theme Wall Mirror


Wood sculpture, 'Yoga Stretch' - Wood Sculpture from Indonesia

Wood sculpture, 'Sensuality' - Hand Crafted Female Nude Wood Sculpture

Africa | Ngontang mask from the Fang people of Gabon | Wood, kaolin and pigment


Artisan Crafted Cultural Ceramic Mask from Mexico - Coyol Tastoan | NOVICA Ceramic Mask, Ceramic

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Fulani People, Museum Curator, African Masks, African Art, British Museum, Western Art, Tribal Art, Wood Art, Art Art

Hand Crafted Authentic African Beaded Wood Mask from Ghana, 'Tears of Joy'

Wood sculpture, 'Love's Kiss' - Romantic Wood Sculpture from Indonesia

Hinduism Wood Rod Puppet - Brave Rama | NOVICA Wooden Puppet, Shadow Puppets, Puppet

WIN # 3 Artisans Profit!

African wood mask, 'Royal Mask' - Original African Wood Mask with Embossed Aluminum

African Giraffe Spirit Ii Hand Carved Wood Mask Wall Décor. By Novica

Alpaca blend open cardigan, 'Floral Sky' - Artisan Crafted Alpaca Blend Cardigan in

Handmade African Wood Mask Wall Décor. By Novica

Wood sculpture, 'Two Hearts' - Carved Wood Romantic Sculpture

Men's Leather Wrap Bracelet with Stainless Steel Clasp - Amazon Warrior in Black | NOVICA

Handmade African Mask Wall Décor. By Novica

Unique African Wood Mask, 'Ashanti Wisdom'

Animal Jewelry

Sterling silver button earrings, 'African Filigree' - Sterling Silver Filigree Earrings

Baule Goli Janus Kple Kple Mask - Exquisite African Art

Wood 'Regal Elephant' Throne (Ghana) | Overstock.com Shopping - Big. Black FootstoolHANDMADE ...

Batik wall hanging, 'Aya African Mask' - Brown and Yellow African Mask Cotton

Unique Modern Wood Mask - Balinese Woman | NOVICA Balinese Interior, African Masks, African

Auto part chess set, 'Recycling Challenge' - Unique Recycled Auto Part Chess Set

Handmade African Wood Mask Wall Décor. By Novica


Cotton cosmetic bag, 'Tactic Stripes in Black' - Handwoven Cotton Cosmetic Bag in

Recycled metal sculpture, 'Christmas Tree Gleam' - Recycled Metal Christmas Tree Sculpture from

Beer Drinker - Modern Shona Sculpture. $56.00 African Theme, African Art, African Home


Africa | 'Ndoma (mblo group)' mask from the Baule people of the Ivory Coast | Wood; rich blackish brown patina, reddish brown in some areas

Cotton blend kente cloth scarf, 'Faith' (13 inch width) - Handmade

UNICEF Market | Black Angular Bordered Blouse Handcrafted in Thailand - Black Moons in Thailand

Handcrafted Sese Wood 'Boy's Initiation' African Mask ...

Huamanga stone sculpture, 'Romance Unfurls in Black' - Handcrafted Black Alabaster Sculpture of

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Silk shawl, 'Kaleidoscope Garden' - Multi-Color Floral on Black Hand Printed

African Elephant Spirit Ii Hand Carved African Wood Mask Wall Décor. By Novica

Wood batik jewelry box, 'Kotagede Batik' - Javanese Handmade Batik Wood Jewelry Box

Wood mask, 'Lombok Man I' - Wood mask

Novica Frangipani Summer Vintage Modern Art Handmade Artisan Designer Home Decor Accent Natural Hibiscus Wood Gift Mask (Indonesia) (Solid), Green

Indian Wood Printing Block Wooden Textile Stamps Floral Stamp Designer Block: Amazon.co.uk: Kitchen & Home


WIN # 3 Artisans Profit!

African wood mask, 'Long Horns' - African Hand Carved Wooden Mask with Long

Men's leather wrap bracelet, 'Double Hug' - Golden Brown Leather Braid Wrap Bracelet

Men's wood necklace, 'Horn Mask' - Mens Handmade Wood Mask Necklace from Africa

Cocktail Ring with Green Onyx in Sterling Silver and Gold - Verdant Allure | NOVICA

Africa Christmas Ornament - Coffee Filled - Adoption Fundraiser by LaneAdoptionFund $20.00 Fundraising Crafts, African

wooden mask Bali

Huichol Darth Vader mask by artist Alvaro Ortiz Lopez-Puwari Mask Design, Darth Vader

Walnut and ebony wood clip watch, 'Angler' - Walnut & Ebony Wood Clip

Mask Wood Baule Mask Ivory Coast Africa Handmade Female Mask Carved Wood Figure Crest Home Decor Gift One of a Kind

Royal Elephant Theme Handmade African Mask and Stand Sculpture. By Novica

Bone and wood pendant necklace, 'Bali Turtle' - Sawo Wood and Bone Turtle


Hand Carved African Wood Mask Wall Décor. By Novica

Cord bracelet, 'Yellow and Black Kente Power' - Yellow and Black Cord Striped

And it came from Novica, a National Geographic company that sells handmade jewelry, paintings, women's clothes, men's scarves and other men's accessories ...